What is garage flooring?

Are you tired of the dusty, stained concrete floor in your garage?

Most people do not realize that the garage is probably our home's most essential and abused space. The garage serves many purposes. It is a home for our cars, a storage unit, and a home gym. It can also be used as a workshop, man cave, studio, and puppy training area.
The garage floor takes daily abuse from hot tires, liquids, oil spills, and heavy equipment drops.

The performance of a garage floor coating, whether in a residential garage, dealership, or workshop, is equally important. The floor coating should be visually appealing. It should also prevent slip and fall injuries and protect the concrete slab from damage and dusting. This can help avoid unnecessary maintenance.

Dialed In Epoxy Flooring Phoenix specializes in installing high-performance epoxy floor systems throughout Arizona and California.
Our epoxy floor systems are designed to be durable. They can withstand chipping, cracking, hot tire marking, and stains. Additionally, they offer chemical resistance. Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing.

Dialed-In Epoxy Flooring offers the right flooring system for all your needs. If you want to renovate your home garage, they have the perfect system. They also have flooring that will make your Phoenix auto dealership more welcoming. If safety is a concern for your Arizona mechanical workshop, they have a flooring system for that too.

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Epoxy Garage Flooring Phoenix

Kevin recently did a great job on a new home project I had. The garage floor came out incredible, he was even willing to help with the schedule working the weekend before I moved in. Great job Kevin we will definitely be working again in the future.

Aaron, Mesa, AZ
Metallic Epoxy Flooring Phoenix Az

Metallic epoxy garage floor finishes

Are you tired of looking at a plain grey concrete floor? Do you want a floor that helps the cars in your Phoenix showroom to stand out?

Metallic epoxy floors in Phoenix are an easy and cost-effective way to create a unique floor. It will make your neighbors and customers impressed. With metallic epoxy, you can recreate marble, granite, wood, water, or stone look for a fraction of the price.

The metallic pigments and clear epoxy create a unique mixture. During the curing process, the colors move, making each floor unique. No two floors will look the same.
Metallic epoxy is easily customizable with your brand colors or to match your interior design. It is long-lasting and durable, and also UV, stain, chemical, scratch, and tire mark resistant. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain.

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Epoxy flake garage floor finish

Do you need a tough, decorative, and moisture-resistant floor?

Our epoxy flake floor system has multiple layers. It is the most durable on the market. We guarantee it will protect your concrete slab for years.

Epoxy flake garage floors Phoenix provides anti-slip and chemical resistance, making it ideal for commercial garages and engine performance workshops. It can withstand heavy foot traffic or light vehicle traffic. In addition, it provides moisture resistance and requires no waxing or stripping like vinyl flooring.

It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it great for residential garages. UV stable and moisture resistant allow this system to be used outdoors on driveways, patios, or pool decks. The terrazzo-like finish is visually appealing. It also offers a broad range of flake chips that can be arranged to match any interior or brand colors.

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Garage Flooring Lake Havasu AZ

Garage Flooring Benefits


We use high-performance, quality epoxy products that cure a hard and thick finish. Epoxy floors are highly durable. They can withstand daily activities, vehicles, and foot traffic.
Furthermore, they are resistant to moisture, dust, dirt, grime, tire pick-ups and chemicals. Despite all this, their appearance is not compromised.

easy to clean

Garage epoxy flooring is straightforward to clean and maintain, requiring only a damp mop and some mild detergent. A regular cleaning schedule can ensure that your garage floors stay brand new looking for longer.

Garage Flooring Lake Havasu Arizona

Our garage floor topcoats are 100% UV stable, protecting your Arizona floor from direct sunlight discoloration. Our basecoats provide moisture resistance and form a waterproof barrier preventing your new floor from lifting and peeling off.


Concrete on its own is strong but porous and prone to cracking and staining. Epoxy coatings are strong and flexible. They act as a protective layer when applied to the garage floor. This coating shields it from damage and stains.

Our Dialed-In System

We guarantee that our epoxy garage floor services in Phoenix are of the highest quality. This includes concrete floor preparation and sealing with the best available epoxy product. We also offer excellent customer service. Not to mention your epoxy floor will last for decades to come.

1. Grind it

We start by mechanically grinding, profiling, and vacuuming the concrete garage floor to ensure the strongest adhesion possible.

2. Repair

No matter the damage, we repair every crack and hole in the garage floor.

3. Coat

We apply a base coat for flake flooring and 100% solids epoxy or primer coat for metallic epoxy.

4. Coat it or flake it

For flake flooring, we broadcast the polymer flakes to provide even color and texture. For the metallic floor, we apply the metallic color coat. For 100% solids epoxy, we apply the second coat.

5. Scrape

For flakes, we scrape off all excess bits to prepare the floor for the final step.

6. Seal & Protect

We finish with two coats of UV-stable polyaspartic topcoat.

Garage Flooring FAQ

Epoxy garage flooring is a highly favored flooring alternative in Phoenix, Arizona because of its robustness, minimal maintenance, and stylish design. Yet, despite its popularity, many people have queries about this flooring type. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about epoxy garage floors.

Would applying epoxy on a garage floor be a worthwhile investment?
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Is it possible to repair my garage floor with cracks and damages?
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Which surface preparation technique will be used on my garage floor?
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